My third album was called "Three Cheers for the Black Bard!" (I can't resist those puns!) I hope you enjoy it as it will probably be the last for a long time. It was a long time coming and took a lot of work. It's the first one to go direct to CD and to feature color artwork. The songs and poems on it include:  (click the titles for lyrics, chords and sound clips.)

The Mountain of Red
Choose Wisely
The Public Face of Honor
Song of the Kingdoms
Macbeth - The Storybook Version
The Wise Dragon
The Price

It Was Just a Picture on the Wall
The Battle
The Man Who Would Not Die
On the Making of a Lady
A Single Kiss
Havelok’s Story
Without You Don’t You Know the Sun Won’t Shine
The History of Rome in Ten Minutes or Less

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"The Man Who Would Not Die" was written by Sir Cipriano deAlvarez (former Baron of Iron Mountain, Meridies); all others are originals by Rathflaed. ("MacBeth" of course is a classic, but you should listen to the storybook translation. It is very similar to "Beowulf" from "Bards Makr the Best Lays" and "1066 - The Storybook Version" from "More!!!" If you like those, you'll probably like this one, and you'll probably enjoy the History of Rome as well.

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