My first album is entitled "Bards Make the Best Lays" and has been a whelming success. It was the effort of about six years of wheedling, cajoling, and begging people to help make it happen. After much ado (and some adon’t) the album was released on the BlackBird Recording label on October 11, 1997. The songs and poems on it include:  (click the titles for lyrics, chords and sound clips.)

Dream Warrior
The Jester
Loren’s Wakening
The Queen of Elfhame
For Elizabeth

Estrella VIII
Her Smile
Thirty Years
I’ll Fear Nothing With You at My Side
The Ballade of The Blue Rose
So You Wish to Be a Bard

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"The Ballade of the Blue Rose" was written by Coral DeChauncey and Braden the Minstrel and all others are originals by Rathflaed. ("Beowulf" of course is a classic, but I doubt you’ve heard the storybook translation before. After all it starts:
See Grendel. See Grendel eat. Eat, Grendel, eat. Grendel is eating a few Danish for breakfast. Grendel especially likes the ones with the yellow coating on top. This is good because there are so many of them.
and gets worse from there.) All of the songs and poems are stories and have been praised across the Knowne Worlde. If you like long, slow "slit-your-wrist" ballads, then this is the album for you. If you like SCA music in general or wish that the world had just a little more chivalry, then you will be touched by the songs and stories contained herein. Many good people worked on it (Melandra of the Woods, Master Ioseph of Locksely, and Kristoph Klover) and it turned out well..
Lastly, for those who don’t know what a "Lay" is, it’s a simple narrative poem, ballad or story as in the "Lay of Roland". I couldn’t resist the pun.

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