This is my second album "More!!!". People asked for more after my first album came out and I'm pleased to say that "More!!!" is available. This album was a little tougher to release than the first one since I had to build my own studio to do it. The album was released on the BlackBird Recording label on November 12, 1999. The songs and poems on it include:  (click the titles for lyrics, chords and sound clips.)

William’s Wedding Song
I Loved Thee Ere
A Period Song
The Crescent of Caid
Red Belt, Silver Spurs
1066 - The Storybook Version

The Barbarian Freehold Alliance
Price of Steel
The Wish
A Place in the Sky
The Archer King
So You Wish to Be a Bard...

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"The Price of Steel" was written by Lord William Hawkes and all others are originals by Rathflaed. ("1066 - The Storybook Version" is the story of the battle of Hastings from a slightly new perspective. It starts:
O see Duke William. He is from Normandy. Normandy is in France where they have wine and cheese and surrender all the time. But Duke William was alive a long, long time ago before the French started surrendering to everyone.
and gets worse from there.) All of the songs and poems are stories and have been praised across the Knowne Worlde. If you like long, slow "slit-your-wrist" ballads, then check out my first album. If you liked that one - well, this is more of the same. If you like SCA music in general or wish that the world had just a little more chivalry, then you will be touched by the songs and stories contained herein.

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